Book Review – Cucumber Quest 1: The Doughnut Kingdom

D.G, Gigi - CucoQuest1, Doughnut Kingdom Cucumber is all set to move into a prestigious magic school, but fate, a magic oracle, and his pushy parents have other plans. Instead, Cuco is sent on an epic quest across the Doughnut Kingdom, aided by his brave little sister, Almond, to try and prevent the return of the terrible Nightmare Knight.

Cucumber Quest is a light, spoofy comic with all the hallmarks of a classic fantasy quest. Magic, sword fights, monsters, imaginative settings, and memorable characters provide a you with an instant sense of familiarity, pokes fun at its own use of fantasy tropes and cliches, and packs quite a bit of punch with witty and well-timed humor that’s guaranteed to get you giggling.


While the storytelling is rather simple and often (on purpose) very convenient, the glossy pages, expressive artwork, and hilarious asides make Cucumber Quest incredibly appealing for all ages, and may be the perfect thing for tempting your more reluctant readers.

CucoQuest-Little Sisters

⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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