Book Review – Skies of Dripping Gold

Heath, Hannah - Skies of Dripping GoldGabriel works hard to keep his sister, Lilly, in medicine. Her faith in the place where skies drip with gold keeps Lilly strong though her health continues to decline. But Gabriel knows once she’s gone he won’t have anything left to live for. So Gabriel decides to climb to Paradise and see for himself where Lilly’s belief will take her.

They entered the building that neither of them really wanted to enter, but still walked into six days of the week. He wasn’t sure why Cole did it, but Gabriel could explain his in a single, beautiful word: Lilly.

Short and bittersweet, Skies of Dripping Gold is a quick read with huge impact. Thoughtfully written and gut-wrenchingly honest, the story explores pain, faith, determination, love, and grief in the span of its 30-ish pages without ever missing a beat. 

Of course, if a god did exist, Gabriel couldn’t help thinking that that was exactly the kind of god he’d be stuck with: a twisted, indifferent deity who simply didn’t give a damn about its creations.

My favorite thing about Skies of Dripping Gold is the characters. In such a short story, it can be hard to get emotionally attached, but Gabriel, Lilly and Cole broke my heart and I love them for it.


⬢ ⬢ ⬢ ⬢  FOUR STARS
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Read as a part of Megan Tennant’s #Indiecember challenge. Want to play along? Check out the rules and download a board of your own.

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