Review of Honey by Sarah Weeks

Honey by Sarah Weeks


Melody never worried too much about not having a mother. It’s been her, and dad, and that’s all that mattered. Until she overhears her dad calling someone “Honey” over the phone. In trying to solve the mystery of who her dad is secretly seeing, Melody begins to learn about her mother for the first time. Meanwhile, a dog named Mo keeps having dreams of a girl. This girl, he’s sure, will change everything.

For years Melody had been making the same wish on every birthday candle, eyelash, wishbone, and shooting star that came her way, and now it had finally come true.

Honey is a sweet story with a bit of mystery and a lot of heart. I was amazed by how beautiful the writing was; the way the hints were hidden in plain sight was masterfully done and showed the kind of attention to detail that even adult readers might accidentally skip over. And the characters were all so lovable, real, and relatable from the spoiled next-door neighbor, to the busy-bee of a beauty salon owner.

“The answer is no,” said Melody firmly. “Undeniably, indisputably, categorically no.”

My favorite part of Honey was Melody’s searching for something of her mother that she could hold on to. Overall, I found Honey to be a heartwarming and hopeful story with some unexpected twists that will delight all ages, and Sarah Weeks to be a most excellent storyteller.

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