Top 10 T-Shirts for Readers

For some reason readers seem to stump gift-givers. Sure, we’d be happy with a gift card to B&N, but non-readers struggle to see the magic in something so simple. Thankfully, the bookish among us have turned this conundrum into creative opportunity. Now, book-themed merch is almost as popular as the hardcovers and box sets we actually wanted you to buy us.

Top 10 T-Shirts for Readers

Today, I’ll be highlighting some amazing T-shirts designed to delight readers of every genre.


1. Book Nerd from Whatever Market

T-Shirt: "book nerd"

With elegance befitting your bookish friends, this design strikes the perfect balance between cute and classy by incorporating an ever-so-subtle glasses motif.


2. Emotionally Attached to Fictional Characters from Fandomized Rose

T-Shirt: "emotionally attached to fictional characters".

If you’ve found yourself giggling uncontrollably in public, bursting into tears at the end of a series, or thinking regularly about people who don’t exist in reality, you may need this t-shirt.


3. When In Doubt from DFTBA

T-Shirt: "when in doubt, go to the library" -Hermione Granger

Better advice has never been given. You’re doing the public a service by wearing this… unless they’re already there, too.


4. It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Books from Amazon

T-Shirt: "it's not hoarding if it's books".

Because we’re not bookworms, we’re book dragons! And what dragon is complete without their glorious pile of treasure?


5. Quiet Night Club from Steven Rhodes

T-Shirt: "quiet night at home club"

Finally! A club for those of us who cannot resist the allure of a moonlit night and one more chapter.


6. Velocireader from Out of Print

T-Shirt: "velocireader"

If you’re a speedy reader with an appetite for knowledge, you’ll want to grab this delightful dino-themed design. If your arms can reach, that is.


7. A Book Lover from Lim Heng Swee

T-Shirt: giraffe holding a large stack of books under their chin

If dinosaurs aren’t exactly your speed, perhaps the giraffe and its ability to carry stacks on stacks on stacks is a better fit for your reading lifestyle.


8. My Weekend is All Booked from Look Human

T-Shirt: "my weekend is all booked".

For your friend whose idea of “big plans” generally involve long chapters, stylish shelfies, and scoping out the sales from their favorite bookseller.


9. Books Are Magic from Risa Rodil

T-Shirt: "books are a uniquely portable magic" -Stephen King

We all know authors must be fairies. Or wizards. Or maybe unicorns. How else would you explain their uncanny ability to twist words to their will?


10. Read Voraciously from BumbleBess

T-Shirt: "read voraciously, live vicariously".

A reader is an explorer of worlds, an ally to every hero, and a witness to wonders. This design is especially dear to me because I’m the creator! Yep, I even came up with the phrase. Perhaps, someday in the distant future, people will be quoting me.


*Please note, all photographs in this blog post were taken from the sellers websites.

Which shirt is your favorite? Are there any you would add to the collection?

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